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Whether it’s a trackday, race or just a road trip, drive with confidence. SPEEDiagnostix provides the expert used oil analysis that allows you to know you are good to go.

Because motor oil travels all through your engine, analysis of the used oil can tell you what’s happening inside the engine without having to take the engine apart. Formula One teams analyze their oil at the racetrack, and SPEEDiagnostix runs the exact same tests that the Formula One teams use. You can get your results in either 3 days or 6 days.

From engine wear to fuel dilution, oil analysis provides powerful insight into the health of your engine and the performance of your oil, and you don't need a PhD to understand the results. Each SPEEDiagnostix oil  analysis report is color coded and written in plain English. If you can navigate a stop light, you can read a SPEEDiagnostix report. 

As a piston ring manufacturer, we see the impact of fuel dilution in motor oil everyday, so we highly recommend analyzing your oil. That's why we recommend and offer SPEEDiagnostix oil analysis kits.