If It Takes A Piston Ring, We Can Build It




Provides superior ring seal and decreased blow-by.

Total Seal® 2.0mm Rectangular High Speed Steel (HSS) top rings for Diesel aftermarket high performance pistons.

• As piston to wall clearance increases, blow-by typically increases when using a Keystone style ring. This can lead to ring land / piston torching which is common in these applications and ring style.

• Created for positive performance increases, improved durability and feature exclusive Total Seal® C-33 face coating that is quick seating, easy on cylinder walls, offers low friction, long life and won’t chip or flake

When purchasing an aftermarket piston, make sure they will accommodate the new Total Seal® HSS 2.0mm top rings.

Use with our patented Gapless™ rings for maximum performance.

Total Seal Diesel Gapless RingsTotal Seal Diesel HSS Rings
HSS - High Performance Diesel 2.0mm High Speed Steel Top Rings

Total Seal® Gapless® Piston Ring Sets for diesel applications provide: Street performance to full on competition, or even industrial applications, any diesel engine will greatly benefit from purpose made Total Seal® Gapless® Piston Ring Sets.